Journal Selection
Our editing team will assess the key factors in the paper and select three suitable journals for the author to ensure an efficient publication process.

Your manuscript will be edited in strict accordance with the guidelines stipulated by the target journal and completely comply with the requirements for submission, aiding your paper entering the review process smoothly.

The figures of your paper will be fully prepared in accordance with the requirements of the target journal, making the author’s scientific research more professional.

Cover Letter
We will help the author to write a persuasive cover letter, and set forth the novelty, importance and significance of the research in the paper, and improve the opportunity of the manuscript submission.

Aid Submission
Targeted paper submission improves the success rate of the paper publication in the target journal.

Expert Review
Before formal submission, our experienced expert team will review the whole manuscript, discover the problems in the manuscript, and provide the professional revision suggestion to the author, enhance the quality of the manuscript, and increase the probability of the paper publication in the target journals.

Endnote manages the references.

Similarity Check
We will use Turnitin database to check for plagiarism and ensure the originality of work before publication, eliminate the author’s worries, and submit the paper safely.